How to choose SEO company in Malaysia ?

How to choose SEO company in Malaysia ?

If you want to engage a SEO company or Search Engine Optimization service provider, here are some tips to evaluate them before you can make decision.

1. Hong many year have the SEO company established ?

2. How many SEO clients they have served ? (don’t mixed up with “web design” Client)

3. Does their own website rank on top 10 for the industrial related keywords such as “Malaysia SEO company” , “Malaysia SEO consultant” , “Malaysia Search Engine Optimization” , “Malaysia SEO services”, etc ? ( It is very ironic that a SEO company cannot rank his own website on top 10, right ? :mgreen: )

4. Is the website listed in normal listing or ” Sponsor Links ” ? ( Some SEO companies purposely confuse the consumers on the sponsor links listing and normal listing. They will say that they are doing SEO but in fact they are doing PPC or sponsor links )

5. Do they have any refund policy if the website is not listed on top position in search engines ? (This is to protect consumer’s interest. No point you have paid the fee and get nothing in return)

6. Do they use the SPAM method to spam your website to get high ranking ? ( Caution : There are few SEO freelancers in Malaysia are doing this by adding too many keywords (keyword stuffing) in the website or create cloaking site which redirect to other website.  )

For those who want to get a quick reference, here are some list :

1. Maximus SEO
2. Ericanfly SEO
3. Pinterest SEO