What is SEO pricing in Malaysia

What Is SEO Price In Malaysia ?

What is SEO pricing In Malaysia ?

Before answer to this question, it is better to know some useful information such as : why SEO is important in Malaysia ?  why choosing SEO is better than Google Ads in Malaysia and etc. Please read our FAQ below :


Why SEO is important In Malaysia ?

Malaysia is a multi–ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual nation. It is not hard to find a person to write a website’s content in more than 2 languages. If your website has multi-language content, It is a waste if you don’t SEO it. The reasons is simple, most people are doing SEO in English, what if you do SEO for English and other languages too, i.e. Chinese ? it will not only helps you to target different race in Malaysia, but also may help you to boost your website ranking to overseas Chinese search engines and countries, such as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The people there have the chances to see your website appear on their organic search result too.


Why choose SEO over Google Ads in Malaysia ?

For those who run Paid Ads (such as Google Ads) in Malaysia, you sure noticed that the Google Ads’ price (cost per click, or CPC ) is getting higher and higher. One of the main reasons is the competitions, another reason that people always omitted is simply because of currency. If your products or services have international brands come and compete with you, you will notice that the CPC is rising fast, simply because overseas competitors dare to invest. To them, US Dollar is their usual spending, but for Malaysian, it becomes 4 x Ringgit Malaysia.

For example, if you have Google Keywords Planner, simple search for “Virtual office Kuala Lumpur” . You will be surprised to know that the Cost Per Click (CPC) is from RM 7.20 to RM 29.77. Why ? Simply because in the virtual office industry, there are many international players such as Servcorp, Regus who bid the price higher and higher,  (with the advantage of their budget in US Dollar) despite they just target only one location “Kuala Lumpur” and not whole Malaysia.  (see picture below)

Google Ads Price is higher than SEO in Malaysia

So this is one of the main reasons why you should choose SEO rather than Google Ads in Malaysia.


What is the SEO pricing Malaysia ?

You may heard it : “In U.S, SEO price typically ranges from USD800-USD2000 per month. Malaysia SEO price will range similarly.. ”

Actually, this statement is a bit outdated. If you look on some major SEO vendors in Malaysia,  such as Maximus,  Exabyte, Ericanfly, Nuweb etc, The SEO price in Malaysia could range as low as MYR 300/month up to MYR 5,000/month. (about USD 75/month  to USD 1,200/month )  Depends on the experiences and establishment of the SEO vendors,  the services scope they offer and other factors.

In other words, Malaysia SEO price is more affordable now compare to 2 years ago.


Why choose SEO in Malaysia ?

Most SEO vendors in overseas didn’t provide guarantee if fail to rank. However, there are some SEO services provider in Malaysia dare to offer guarantee if fail to rank. Among them are Ericanfly, Nuweb, Maximus and Exabyte.


SEO Money Back Guarantee In Malaysia ? Really ?

SEO is not cheap, As a consumer, you need to protect your consumer interest and ask for refund if the Malaysia SEO services provider fail to rank. If the Malaysia SEO service providers are confident with their skills and experiences, why can’t they provider SEO money back guarantee ? Right ?