Soalan Untuk Mc Ocean Holding MLM

S: MC OCEAN tidak memiliki MLM lesen jualan langsung/lesen jualan langsung telah luput

J: Lesen jualan langsung (MLM) kami bernombor AJL 931963 dan sah laku untuk tempoh 20.08.2013-19.08.2016. Isu lesen MC OCEAN yang tertimbul di Internet adalah satu isu yang dibangkitkan sebelum bulan Ogos 2013, kerana pada masa itu kami mengalami kelewatan dalam pembaharuan lesen akibat daripada beberapa masalah teknikal. Namun, lesen kami telah diperbaharui dan isu tersebut tidak lagi wujud.

Ibu pejabat yang terletak di SouthGate, Kuala Lumpur telah dirasmikan oleh Datuk Seri Hasan Malek,
Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan pada 6 Oktober 2014.

S: Yuran keahlian MC OCEAN sejumlah RM 30,000 ++ ?

J: Tidak benar. Yuran keahlian untuk menyertai MC OCEAN hanya berjumlah RM100 (untuk tempoh keahlian dua tahun) di samping RM 30 kad keahlian. Ahli-ahli berhak membeli apa-apa bilangan produk, tetapi kami tidak menggalakkan ahli-ahli untuk membeli jumlah produk di luar kemampuan mereka. Kami juga tidak membenarkan ahli baris atasan memberi janji-janji kosong kepada ahli baris bawahan mereka. Jika kami dapati apa-apa kejadian tidak mematuhi kod Etika keahlian (member code of conduct), kami akan mengambil tindakan, termasuk pembatalan keahlian mereka yang melanggar peraturan.
Setiap ahli MC OCEAN akan diberikan senaskah garis panduan keahlian yang mana termaktubnya peraturan-peraturan yang harus dipatuhi. Malah, ahli-ahli baru adalah diminta untuk membaca dengan teliti dan menandatangani beberapa peraturan yang penting.

Untuk Maklumat Lanjut, sila melawat :


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Pinjaman Malaysia

Loan (Pinjaman) Malaysia

According to statistic, the ratio of household debt to gross domestic product (GDP) in Malaysia grew by 13 per cent to 83 per cent in this year (2013) from 70 per cent in 2009. Compared household debt to GDP in other developing Asian countries, Thailand stood at 30 per cent, Indonesia 15.8 per cent, Hong Kong 58 per cent, Taiwan 82 per cent, Japan 75 per cent and Singapore 67 per cent, Malaysia now is the highest level for household debt in developing countries in Asia

This is a dangerous signal. And because of this , The Ministry of Finance Malaysia decided to limiting maximum tenure of personal loans to 10 years and properties financing to 35 years, and prohibition on the offering of pre-approved personal financing products.

Bank Negara Malaysia has also urged financial institutions to give greater emphasize on affordability assessment as compared to repayment history and collateral which largely dominated the lending decision even when affordability assessment indicated potential future vulnerability.


Since getting loan from bank is becoming hard, there are some licensed money lender offer better alternative. For example, HESB2u Pinjaman offer attractive personal loan (pinjaman peribadi) and business loan for those who are Malaysian. UMCLoan offer mortgage loan for those who want to borrow money for business expansion or house renovation.

For more information, please visit their website respectively.

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Food and Restaurant in PJ

Food and Restaurants in Petaling Jaya is the news and event website for the restaurants & bar at the Hilton Petaling Jaya. Why Zest? It’s about adding flavours to life, the pleasure of having a good time and the continual feeling of excitement. It owns some of the famous halal restaurant KL. Much like the restaurants & bar, each has its own personality and dining experience, which calls out to be explored.


Some of the famous restaurants include :

1. Paya Serai – If you are free in afternoon in KL , then you may consider to have buffet lunch or dinner in Paya Serai . It specialized in Malaysian cuisine and local hawker delights. The open kitchen sets a dramatic dining backdrop with sparks and flames where you can catch exciting cooking action

2. Genji – If you want to taste the best Japanese food restaurant Kuala Lumpur, then Genji is your right choice. Opened since 1988, Genji Japanese Restaurant has carved a reputation for its consistent quality offering a myriad of traditional Japanese cuisine including seasonal delicacies, ideal for social dining with business associates and with

3. Toh Yuen – Toh Yuen or “Peach Garden” initiates the charm of the “new century”, reflecting an international yet Oriental feel. It is one of the famous Chinese restaurant KL. The interior is a modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese courtyard with circular wooden columns, moon gates, screens with Chinese calligraphy and an open Dim Sum kitchen. It is the best place for chinese food such as dim sum, as well as the ideal Chinese wedding restaurant in KL.

4. Uncle Chilli’s – If you want to enjoy nightlife KL , then don’t forget UncleChilli’s. It has cosy scene with a modern retro interior, dining and bar functions merge
seamlessly at Uncle Chilli’s. Distinctive facets include a dedicated cigar lounge, private dining areas and the main bar and dance floor, where you catch all the red-hot action.

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Travel Agent Malaysia

Travel Agent Malaysia

Peterson Travel Service is a travel agent Malaysia that provides customized Malaysia tour package and programmes for a whole range of travellers to Malaysia. From a family holiday to an unforgettable Langkawi tour and Penang tour. For the adventure seekers, they are here to give you the best possible travel plan at and Borneo Malaysia.


They will avoid the run of the mill programmes as much as possible to make your travel a memorable experience with them. They exercise integrity & trust in our travel business and it is their priority to ensure every client has received their utmost attention at all times. Their service quality is genuine and well received since 1990.

For more information, please visit

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Environmental Analysis Provider

Environmental Analysis Provider

Serving the nation since 1993, A & A Scientific Resources provide solutions for the environment, Safety & Health related issues.


A & A has joined hands with University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Malaysia. Via Faculty of Chemical Engineering for better quality on environment monitoring, management and analysis such as water analysis, stack emission, boundary noise, chemical health risk assessment, and more.

For more information, please visit

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How to choose SEO company in Malaysia ?

How to choose SEO company in Malaysia ?

If you want to engage a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service provider, here are some tips to evaluate them before you can make decision.

1. Hong many year have the SEO company established ?

2. How many SEO clients they have served ? (don’t mixed up with “web design” Client)

3. Does their own website rank on top 10 for the industrial related keywords such as “Malaysia SEO” , “SEO Malaysia” , “Malaysia Search Engine Optimization” , “Search Engine Optimization Malaysia”, etc ? ( It is very ironic that a SEO company cannot rank his own website on top 10, right ? :mgreen: )

4. Is the website listed in normal listing or ” Sponsor Links ” ? ( Some SEO companies purposely confuse the consumers on the sponsor links listing and normal listing. They will say that they are doing SEO but in fact they are doing PPC or sponsor links )

5. Do they have any refund policy if the website is not listed on top position in search engines ? (This is to protect consumer’s interest. No point you have paid the fee and get nothing in return)

6. Do they use the SPAM method to spam your website to get high ranking ? ( Caution : There are few SEO freelancers in Malaysia are doing this. One of them even committed SEO trademark infringement ! )

For those who want to get a quick reference, here are some list :

1. Maximus SEO
2. Ericanfly SEO
3. Pinterest SEO

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Translation service Malaysia

Professional Language Translation Services

CatEagle provides comprehensive English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation, two ways, bi-directional. All translation done by qualified CatEagle translators @ high quality, on time delivery and with 7 QC steps quality control.


CatEagle provides comprehensive language translation and interpretation services:-

* English to Chinese and vice versa     * English to Malay translation and vice versa

* Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) to Chinese & vice versa

* German, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Russian to Chinese and English vice versa

* Spanish(Latin America), Dutch, Farsi(Persian) to Chinese and English vice versa

* English to Vietnamese, Laos, Indonesian, Tagalog & vice versa

* Thais to English & vice versa

* French, Spanish(International), Portuguese, Serbia, Greek, Hebrew to English and vice versa

* Finish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Czech, Cambodian to English and vice versa

* Tibetan, Croatian, Estonian, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Irish to English and vice versa

* Latin, Luxemburgish, Mongolian, Nepali, Turkish, Zulu, Telugu to English and vice versa

* Uyghur, Ukrainian, Tahitian, Tatar, Slovak, Sinhalese, Sanskrit, Punjabi to English and vice versa

CatEagle can do translation for all sorts of documents, technical specifications, speeches, drama scripts, sketches, pure technical items, advertisements, short articles, menus, resumes, medicine, IT, telecommunication, video, audio, web page, instruction manuals, books & etc.

CatEagle also provides comprehensive language interpretation services for Chinese to English (Two ways), English to Chinese (Two ways), Malay to Chinese, Malay to English, English to Vietnamese (Two ways), Vietnamese to English (Two ways),Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian and Nepali

For more information, please visit


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