Mc Ocean Scam Product 2019

Mc Ocean Product Is A Scam ?

Mc Ocean Scam ? A Review From a Clinical Dietician

I am Joh Ying, an ordinary clinical dietician. I have always love health food products but I wasn’t able to find a good brand that I could represent as I’m only an employee and I did not understand the mechanics of how to run a business. I tried to be a distributor of a brown sugar ginger beverage but it was not successful.  I have always dream of becoming a business owner just like my father. One of my life’s principle, is if I were to run a business, this business must be able to help people to be more healthy.

My dream, is to set up a health food store and a consultation firm side by side so that people can easily get access to the right health food product they need and professional dietician service. There are more and more people that realize how important health and nutrition is today, but they aren’t able to acquire the right information. For example, turning to Mr Google or rely on people with no proper credentials around them. I have seen many cases of people’s health deteriorate due to relying on bad information. I feel very sorry for these people as they are obedient and are willing to fight to improve their health. Unfortunately, by the time I meet them it’s a little bit too late for me to help them, as they are already in a critical condition.

I feel that today health food product is crucial for everyone, especially people who are sick and in need of more nutrients as their daily food intake is not able to supply them with the nutrients they require.

Mc Ocean ‘s product was what attracted me to it in the first place as all their products are plant based and natural.

With proper guidance of a diet plan and our products, we managed to produce these significant testimonials:

  1. A poorly controlled diabetic person was able to improve his blood sugar control after consuming Enertri. 
  2. A woman who had been suffering from menstrual issues and pain for many years that affected her daily life and work, but thanks to Ener369 it has completely solve her menstrual issues and pain.
  3. A person who almost had to do kidney dialysis and also had poor wound healing after amputation due to poor blood sugar control, was able to improve his kidney function and also sped up the healing process of his wound with the help of Enertri and Enerfiber.

These testimonials are why I fell in love with our MC OCEAN  “ENER” series products. It has given many individuals a second chance to enjoy and spend more time with their loved ones.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be MC OCEAN  independent distributor. Being an independent distributor does sound tough but I was lucky to have a team that was always there willing to guide and support me.  McOcean really holds up to it’s mission of being a business school. This company has given me a chance to help others grow their potential by developing shy individuals  to be a responsible and respected leader. People always say MLM is bad as it always forces you to go out and recruit people. Funny thing is one of my best friends came to me asking to joint venture together in this MLM. The team in this platform managed to turn him from an Ah Boy to a man. To be able to step up for his family when they were suffering from financial issues. A boy who would feel down for more than one week because he had to pay for a new side mirror for his car to a man now who is able to afford to pay the full expenses of a family trip.

I honestly did not know how much potential I had in myself till I started my journey in Mc Ocean .

To be able to reach where I am today it took a lot of sacrifices and there were a lot of challenges that I had to go through. I’m glad that I didn’t have to go through it alone and I’m forever grateful for having people who were once strangers but now they are family to me.

In my 5 years journey as a dietician, I see a lot of patients spend a lot of money on all sorts of supplements to give their loved ones a fighting chance but unfortunately not all are effective. Hence, my mission is to have everyone experience the benefits of our “ENER” series health food by the next decade.


MC Ocean We care, we share.

Written by:

Joh Ying

Mc Ocean Product Review 2019



Additional Info

What is Enertri from Mc Ocean?

Enertri is an organic riceberry beverage that does not contain chemicals, preservatives and additives and utilizes a unique whole grain named riceberry. Riceberry is a nutritious and palatable variety that is low in glycemic index and offers great amount of anthocyanin, tannins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Cultivated naturally in unpolluted remote areas of Thailand, the riceberry is organically produced according to standards and regulation under certification of USDA and Organic EU.


How/why Enertri could help to improve diabetes mellitus / high blood sugar?

Through a process called mechanical hydrolysis, riceberry retains its nutrients, antioxidants and active α-polysaccharide peptide (α-PSP), which will be readily absorb into human cells to rejuvenate, replenish and regulate body metabolism and health complication such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.


What is the Price Of Enertri from Mc Ocean ?

Recommended retail price is MYR 488


Where Can I buy Enertri ?

You can buy Enertri from online e-commerce store such as shopee, lazada etc. However, we recommend you to buy it from our authorized distributor and join as member to save your cost.

If you are interest to try Enertri , you are most welcome to contact me by Whatsapp +6012-4869113 or Email at : for more information, wish you have a nice day.