Best Event Space Rental In PJ

Q: What is event space?
A: Event space is the place where events are occurring. It is the first consideration when organizing an event.


Q: What can we do in the event space?
A: We can hold countless type of event in an event space. For example, the most common types of corporate event are seminars and conferences, meetings, workshop, trade shows, appreciation events ,team-building events, product launch events, sales presentations and etc. Whereas for private function includes wedding dinner,birthday party, wedding anniversary party, family gathering and various occasion.


Q: Any event space for rent in PJ (Petaling Jaya) ?
A: If you are an event planner, you definitely have innumerous choices when looking for event space in Petaling Jaya. Over the years, there is rising trend of property owners to rent their property as an event space. Some of the property owners even beat their brains out in designing the event space.


Q: How much does it cost to rent an event space ?
A: Different types of venues come at different price points. Typically, the event space rentals charge per hour and have a minimum amount of hours to rent. Factors that affect the price of event venue rentals include its location, size, facilities and equipment, environment and etc.


Q: Who is A SPACE?
A: Located within a striking distance from NKVE and LDP , A SPACE is one of the sought after space for a vast array of events including product launching, corporate training, meeting, workshop, talk, gatherings and etc.


Q: Why hold your event in A SPACE?
A: Firstly, as an organizer, you would need to make sure the venue fall within your budget parameters for space, technical and catering expenses. A SPACE offers affordable event venue package! Secondly, what set us apart from other event space is , organizers have no worry about photography, videography and social media live streaming service when holding events in A SPACE. Thirdly, A SPACE is accessible via LDP and NKVE highways. Your guest would definitely reach their destination safely without too much hassle. Lastly,A SPACE is flexible enough to hold a comprehensive range of events especially product launching, corporate training, meeting, ,workshop, talk, gatherings and other events.


Q: Who is our customer?
A: If you only have limited budget in planning an event, or you need a small but comfortable and presentable space to hold simple event, you definitely are our customer!


Q: What event space rental package are available in A SPACE?
A: Different customers have different needs. A SPACE offers affordable and customized event venue package! We are not only provide space, but also photography, videography and social media live streaming service. Catering service is available too. If you are interested to rent A SPACE for your event, feel free to contact us for a FREE quotation !


Q: How do I reach A SPACE?
A: Kindly  whatsapp us +60 12-912 4086 or + 60 16 – 360 6603.